Death by Chibi


Okay, a little history. First this started out as both a sprite comic and as a fan comic for Neon Genesis Evangelion. The fan comic didn't seem to work, although I want to revisit it later. The sprite comic part it turns out isn't looked on too fondly on this site, so now all such strips are purged from the archives.

What this is now is a comic with two purposes: 1. To hone my drawing and writing skills. 2 To hopefully entertain you in the process. The first several strips were really rusty about it, which is why I reccomend skipping them (still keeping them around, but the narrative isn't as cohesive as I hoped it would be).

Also, this comic still has the look of sprites, but they aren't. The thing is that sprites are basically computer drawings in the first place, insterted into a computer program, along with code telling how to display them. In terms of actual drawing, they have methods and standards to fit on interactive games, and within the limits of the hardware the games are made for. Pixel Art is an art style that follows those methods and standards, just we make still pictures of them, instead of pictures for games. Okay, mostly still pictures. The point is that this is all original art, just at a very limited level for now. After more practice, the pictures will get more advanced, and even some line drawing (just using a mouse).
And in case you think I'm just pretending these are original, this is how I made the picture for Sir Stalwart, along with what I was thinking when I drew it. How I drew Sir Stalwart

Like what you see so far? Then new strips on Mondays.

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A comic by Luke Collins.